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We are a group of people that became friends through the Canadian skateboarding community. We are also avid gardeners that are growing food and flowers in our individual gardens. We aspire to help make gardening accessible to anyone that wants to learn, but specifically with youth and marginalized communities.


When the pandemic started, a few of us took the opportunity to work on our gardens and some of us decided to take it up as a hobby. Although we weren’t able to skate or garden together, many of us kept in touch over Instagram. Our group chat became the Companion Planting Club. 

By asking questions, troubleshooting and sharing pictures, ideas and progress, we were able to support and learn from each other

We want to promote healthy habits and encourage our community to grow their own vegetables.

Our Vision

We want to shift our focus from taking over space to creating and sustaining space that will grow for years to come. Our idea is to create a DIY garden skate community space that is inclusive and accessible to everyone. This would be a safe space for us to meet, collaborate, share and teach each other.
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